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After purchasing the Toulouse Bodrum flights, you can browse to our Toulouse and Bodrum title. Whenever you need cheap Toulouse Bodrum flights, please note that we can always offer you cheap tickects alternatives.

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Toulouse is situated in southwest of France which is the central city of Midi-Pyrénées Region. There is an airport 10 km away from the city center which is called Blagnac Airport. You can arrive to the city center from the airport by shuttle services, bus, taxi or rental car. The journey takes 20 minutes with shuttle service and its price changes by the number of stations around 5-20 €. You can also provide access directly by number 25, 66, 30 and 88 bus. If you go to the city center by taxi you pay 22 € during the day and 25 € at nights. In addition, it's possibble to reach from other cities in France to the city by high-speed train.


Bodrum is situated in the Aegean Region of Turkey and an major tourism city where the tourists came to the city from all over the world. You can come to the city via Bodrum Milas Airport which is located 35 km away of the city center. You can arrive to the city center from airport by Havas shuttle services, taxi and rental car. The journey takes around 40-45 minutes and its price is 17 TL. Taxi fares depend on your destination.

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