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Soo Travel DMC, specialized in individual foriegn travels, is founded in 2000 in Istanbul by Groupe Marmara. Soo Travel DMC,  Eurocafe Travel Agency, Group A Travel Agency Enterprise No: 4445


Mondial Tourisme operates flights between centers of Istanbul and Paris, and also daily flights between France, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece and Morocco. They also fulfills services such as hotel bookings and tour organizations in Turkey, for many different international tour operators, primarily for Marmara.


+ Purchasing power due to the international group structure
+ Essential and institutional cooperation with the
+ Flights in 365 days a year.
+ Regular quality control of the services
+ Direct communication via the daily updated web site
+ Widespread sales network with online booking
+ Easy and quick response with electronic booking
+ Support for cultural, artistic and sports activities


Established in 1965 in France, Marmara has become one of the major actors for Turkey in terms of making it an important tourism destination. By 1988, Marmara became one of the most significant companies of Turkey and France. With in-house trademarks and companies that are specialized in different domains, such as Etapes Nouvelles, Blue Lagoon, Club Marmara and Mondial Tourisme; Marmara joined to First Choice tourism group in 2000. It is the biggest tour operator of France with an annual endorsement of 450 million euros and with approximately 1 million passengers. By 2005, Groupe Marmara implemented the ISO 9001 quality sertification. The group's 5 tradesmarks and 45 sales offices are actively serving to 500.000 people per year.


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