General Rules and Conditions

• From the website of Soo Travel DMC Agency, Soo Travel DMC, you can purchase Ticket (e-ticket) for international flights. The term “electronical ticket” means the ticket arranged by the transporter or to the name of the transporter, and it carries the travel information. The contract terms and notices constitute the integral parts of the transportation contract. Ticket bill is sent to the address you have declared during the reservation process.

• It is a must that you make the actions via internet according to the ways shown in internet pages. Soo Travel DMC is not responsible for the possible disruptions due to the incorrect actions that you make during reservation and purchasing processes.

• Online ticket purchasing via internet is possible only with Visa and Master Credit Cards. During the purchasing process, you will be asked to enter 3-digit security cod of your credit card due to security reasons. (Security code is the last three numbers at the end of the credit card number which is at the backside of your credit card.)

• After confirming the ticketing proccess, the ticket price (including the tax and other costs) will be withdrawn from your credit card and a printable document will be created.

• Café Tur is not responsible for unsuccessful, delayed or incomplete e-mail messages of ticket confirmation/cancellation.

• Reservations cannot be transferred to anyone else, and the name on the ticket cannot be changed.

• Reservation changes, ticket cancellations and fare refunds cannot be made after the scheduled flight time.

• The service fee charged during ticketing proccess is non-refundable.

• The refunds are paid only to the credit card holder and to the credit cards that are used during the purchase, and from the place the ticket was purchased.

• No seat selection is possible for reservations.

• Check-in actions are ended up at least 60 minutes before the scheduled flight time for international departures.

• Soo Travel DMC denies liability for any interruption of the process, error, omission, interruption, deletion, loss, delay in processes or communication, computer virus, communication failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to, alteration or use of records.

• Soo Travel DMC does not make a declaration or commitment regarding the completeness, accuracy and updating of the information available on its website.





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