Ankara Esenboga Airport


Airport phone number: 0312 398 00 00
The airport, opened to service in 1955, is approximately in a distance of 28 km. to the Centrum. Airport parking lot has a capacity of 605 and inside the airport; there are 3 PTT counters, Ziraat and İş Bankasi, restaurants, cafes and rent-a-car services. Also the Duty Free Shops are giving quality and cheap shopping possibilities to the passengers.
Havas Shuttle Services
Airport: 0312 398 03 76 /  Terminal: 0312 310 35 55
City Departure Point: Karabekir Cad. 19 Mayis Stadium, B Gate
Shuttle schedule: From Airport: There are services for all domestic and international arrivals to Esenboğa Aiport. From centrum: Service Schedule: between 03.30 - 21.30, in every half an hour. (Defined daily according to flight hours)
Route and Drop off points: Esenboga Airport, Cubuk, Pursaklar, Haskoy, Kecioren, Etlik, Havas¸ City Terminal. Drop off points on the way to centrum: Cubuk crossroad, Pursaklar, Haskoy, Aydinlikevler, Kecioren Bridge, Etlik crossroad.
Duration: about 45 min
Fee: 10 TL
Bus Terminal Departure Point: (in front of arrivals hall) 
Shuttle schedule: From Airport: Shuttle Schedule is defined according to the arrival times of the planes.
From ASTI: between 03.00 - 21.00, in every half an hour; between 21.00 - 03.00, scheduled daily according to boarding times.
Route: Esenboga Airport, Çubuk, Pursaklar, Haskoy, Etlik, DHMI, ASTI.
Note: On the way to Airport, our services generally drop by Havas City Terminal and then continue to the airport.
Drop off points: On the way to Centrum: Cubuk Crossroads, Pursaklar, Haskoy, Aydinlikevler, Kecioren Bridge, Etlik crossroads, Baskent Teacherage
Duration: about 60 min.
Fee: 10 TL (VAT included)
Note: Between 00.00 and 06.00, night tariff with a 25% increase in fees is charged.  

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