Baby and Child Passengers

The baby that is under the age 3 (between 0-24 months) on the flight date is considered to be a passenger.
Babies betwee 0-2 years can travel on lap. Babies under 1 week are not permitted to fly even if accompanied by their parent, as long as there is a exception concerning the baby's health, according to the baby passenger acceptance and transport rules. If there is a medical exception, it should be proved with a medical report. According to the on board safety rules, an adult can accompany only one baby. Baby carriages are transferred to the cargo section with a baggage label put on during check-in. Transportation of carriage is free of charge. Baby in an incubator is not accepted to the flight. 

Baby passenger between 8 days - 3 years old:
Should be accompanied by parent / authorized person
Is subjected to a baby fare of 20 Euro, without seat 
Cannot be accompanied by a flight attendant. 

Child passenger older than 3 years: 
Cannot fly unaccompanied. 
Must travel with a parent / an authorized person.
Is not accompanied by a flight attendant.
Is charged an adult fee. 
The travel of unaccompanied child passenger depends on the permission of his/her parent or the legal guardian. It is compulsory to fill in and sign an Unaccompanied Minor Travel Authorization Form for the parent or the legal guardian. Unaccompanied minor is escorted to the plane by ground staff at the scheduled departure time and handed to the flight purser. During this process, the parent or the legal guardian must wait at the airport. At the landing station, the child is handed to the ground staff that will deliver him/her to the authorized person. 

You can get information regarding the flight fares for children and babies from our website.

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