Baggage Limitations
For our flights, free baggage allowance per person is 20 kg. In case of excess baggage, 5 EUR excess baggage charge is applied per kilogram. There is no allowance of baggage for the babies with no seat.

Checked Baggage 
This is the baggage which is registered to the passenger ticket in exchange for a baggage label, and is entirely in the responsibility of the carrier. The passenger baggage must be consisted of clothes. Valuable documents, cash money, jewelery, electronic goods, and fluid or explosive items should not be placed in baggage. The airline company and its intermediary institutions are not responsible for the damages caused by any of the following:

•  Minor scratches, holes, cuts
•  Dampness or being wet
•  Damage to the wheels, handles, straps, zips
•  Damage caused by poorly packed or heavy items

Un-checked (hand) baggage  
This is the baggage taken onto the plane by the passenger. Each passenger is allowed just one carry-on baggage measuring 20 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm, and weighing a maximum of 5 kg. The following items allowed to be carried on board wihout an extra cost. If there is no room in the cabin for these items, they will be carried as checked baggage.
•  1 hand bag suitable for traveling
•  1 coat or topcoat veya pardosü, shawl, scarfe or blanket 
•  1 bag of Duty Free shopping
•  1 umbrella (except those with sharp pointed ends) or a walking stick
•  Only for the passengers with a baby, 1 baby carry cot or pushchair (can be carried  in cargo)
•  1 small camera or binoculars
•  Books and mahazines to be read during the flight
•  For the passengers who need, portable (folding) wheelchair or pair of crutches (to be carried in cargo)
•  Baby food and baby carriage basket to be used during the flight.

Lost Baggage 
•  If a passenger's checked baggage does not arrive at the destination or if it is damaged, before leaving the 'Arrivals Hall', a lost/damaged baggage report should be prepared by contacting the Handling agency. The agency makes the passenger fill in a PIR (Property Irregularity Report).
•  If no feedback is provided within 5 days, the PIR and its attachments must be sent to Lost and Found Centre via co-mail.
•  If the file is closed, the station keeps a copy of the PIR. All the other documents must be directed to the Lost and Found Centre.
•  Found baggage is sent to the passenger's address, free of charge. Passengers can also pick up the baggage themselves if they want. 
•  Maximum investigation period for lost baggage is 1 month for domestic flights, 3 months for international flights. At the end of this period, the passenger should contact the airline's "Lost and Found" Department.
•  From the passenger; ticket coupon, baggage label, a copy of PIR and bank account number are requested.
•  The passenger is reimbursed for a maximum of 20 kg lost baggage for international flights, within the limits of Carriage Contract. 

Portable tools and equipments
•  The passenger's portative (folding) wheelchair, a pair of crutches or similar equipments are carried free of charge and do not count within the baggage allowance limits. The musical instruments and other voluminous baggage can be carried on board if they do ot weigh more than 75 kg and can pass through the aircraft's door and corridor, provided a pre-reservation and purchasing an extra seat for them. 

European Community Regulations for the Transportation of Liquid-Gel Goods
Due to the risks caused by the liquid-gel goods carried by passengers, according to the European Community and UK Civil Aviation Authority Carry-on Baggage Transportation Regulations which is valid since November 6, 2006, the rules and the related Duty Free Applications are as follows: 
•  Liquid or similar substances (such as gels, lotions, creams, toothpaste, spray, deodorant) can only be carried by passenger only in small quantities and small packages.
•  The maximum limit for every package is 100 ml. The total weight limit is 1 L per passenger, and all the packages must be transparent and easy to open.
•  Transparent packages should be taken out by the holder himself/herself at security check points and to be put through the X-Ray machine after shown to the security personnel. 
•  The transparent packages should be of the type generally used in freezers, which can be opened and resealed and preventing leaks. 
•  Although substances such as baby food and medicine are permitted to be carried in their own packages, they must be taken out of the carry-on baggage and be shown to the security personnel at security check points. 

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