Bodrum Milas Airport

Distance to Bodrum: 33 km.

Distance to Milas: 30 km.

Phone: 0252 523 01 01
Bodrum Havas Shuttle Service: Phone: 0252 523 00 40
Departure from city: Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal 
Note: The services make embarkments on Torba road, on the way to airport.

Service schedule: From airport: There is a shutle for each domestic arrivals in Bodrum / Milas Airport.
From Centrum (Bus Terminal): The shuttle schedule is defined according to domestic departures. The shuttle services take off 2 hours before the boarding.
Route: Bodrum Milas Airport, Guvercinlik, Torba road, Terminal.
Drop off points: On the way to city centres: at Guvercinlik, Hotel Etap Altinel, Hotel Blue Dreams, on Hotel Samara road and on Torba road.
Duration: About 45 min.
Ticket fee: 12 TL

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