Electronic Ticketing

What is electronic ticketing? 
It is the ticketing system that suppresses the paper usage. All ticket information is electronically kept within the system and at the time of purchasing, a "travel voucher" that contains all information, is given to you. Reservation and payment processes continue as they do in paper ticketing, and you can check-in with your reservation code/number and your passport, with or without that travel voucher.

Electronic ticketing is advantageous.
The "travel voucher" is a document that confirms all the necessary information about reservation and flight, so you don't need a paper ticket. Electronic ticket cannot be lost, stolen and forgotten. Also, thanks to it, all the ticketing transactions starting from reservation process to the boarding are realized fast and without any problem. 

Electronic ticketing is practical.
Electronic ticketing has a system that contains all the information in the database. If your electronic ticket information is stored in the system, you can check-in by directly heading to the counter. However, paper tickets must be purchased in the sales offices or in our agencies, and the check-in process can be realized afterwards. 

How and where can you buy electronic ticket?
You can purchase your ticket via our Ticketing Line (+90 212 970 03 04) or Website. You can make purchasing via the reservation box found at the home page of our Website.  
How can I learn my flight details after the reservation is turned into ticket?
If you add you e-mail address to the contact information during reservation process, a notification e-mail containing your flight details will be sent to your e-mail address. 

If a cancellation or change in flight is made by the airline, will I be notified? Yes. Our relevant units will inform you about the changes by reaching you via your contact numbers found in your reservation details,and they will offer alternatives if necessary. 

Is group reservation via internet possible?
Reservations for 10 and more people are considered to be group reservations. For group reservations, please contact our agency administration centre. 

Can I buy my ticket after making online reservation via website?
Reservation and payment processes are realized at the same time. 

How much time before a flight can I purchase electronic ticket?
Until the scheduled flight departure time, online reservation system is available. You must conclude the reservation and purchasing processes taking into consideration that check-in for international departures is closed 30 minutes before the flight. Our company is not responsible for the inacceptances to the board due to delays. 

Can I purchase a round trip ticket on your website?
By choosing round trip option from the reservation box, you can buy a round trip ticket.

What should I do when I book and purchase ticket via the website, if I want to go to more than one city during the same trip?
Her bir seyahat planınız için ayrı bir uçuş kaydı yaratarak bilet ödemenizi yapabilirsiniz.

For maximum how many passengers can I purchase electronic ticket?
Via our website, you can make one reservation for maximum 10 passengers ( adult + children ). 

Is it possible to order electronic ticket for child and baby?

Can I make a stand-by reservation via your website?
Stand-by reservation to a flight in not possible via our website. 
Should I confirm my reservation? 
Paid reservation is accepted to be confirmed. 

Will the ticket fare be immediately withdrawn from my credit card?
The ticket fare will be withdrawn from yoy credit card when you enter your credit card details in order to turn you reservation into ticket and click the "purchase" button. 

I am trying to book a ticket via your website, but my credit card is not accepted. Why?
It may be due to insufficient card limit, invalid card number, card expiration error, etc. Please contact your bank. 

How can I return my purchased ticket?
There are different regulations for reservation changes and cancellations. Please read the Carriage Contract Terms section for more information.

Which credit cards can be used when making a payment via your website?
You can use Master and Visa Card during payments in our website. We have also many installation oppurtunities for credit cards bound up to different banks.  

Can someone else get my electronic ticket document for me?
Electronic ticket document is delivered to the passenger, or it is delivered to the person who made the payment. 

How can I get my electronic ticket travel voucher?
You can get it by printing it out from our website. 

Can I travel with a ticket registered with my son's name?
The right to use the ticket belongs only to the person whose name and surname are written on the ticket. This right cannot be transferred to anyone else. 

Can I create an open-dated ticket?  

Can I still travel if I lose my electronic ticket?
During the ticketing processes via our website, all the information related to the ticket is stored electronically. On the other hand, if you lose your 'travel voucher' which is only beneficial in terms of knowing your own rights and the pricing rules, you can still travel.  

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